What is Griff?
Griff is Sequencer software application for the Pocket PC. It allows users to create and edit songs and play them back at CD quality.
What Hardware does Griff run on ?
Griff was designed for the Microsoft PocketPC platform. Here's a list of compatible operating systems:
Operating System Name Good for Griff ?
PocketPC 2000 Yes
PocketPC 2002 Yes
PocketPC 2003 Yes
Windows Mobile 5 for PocketPC Yes
Windows Mobile Professional Untested (But should work)
Windows Mobile Classic Untested (But should work)
Smartphone No
Windows Mobile Standard No (It's a smartphone)
Palm OS No
Symbian No
In short, Griff is compatible with every PocketPC based device. Microsoft have done an amazing job of maintaining compatibility whilst changing the operating system.

HOWEVER Griff was designed and optimised for the screen dimensions of the original PocketPC, 240x320, otherwise known as QVGA. Since then, devices have appeared with square screens, landscape screens and vga. Although Griff will run on these devices, the display may be compromised.
Screen Dimensions Name Good for Griff ?
240x320 QVGA Yes
320x240 QVGA Landscape No
480x640 VGA Yes
640x480 VGA Landscape No
240x240 QVGA Square No
480x480 VGA Square No

What are the Plug-ins?
Griff has a Plug-in architecture, which means you can simply add on extra effects or instruments when you need to. These are available in retail.
Will Griff work with other operating systems?
No - Griff is designed to work with the Microsoft PocketPC operating system (part of the Windows CE platform). Griff will not work on the Palm platform.
What samples can I use with Griff?
Griff uses *WAV files (up to 16 bit, 44.1KHz, PCM compression). You can use samples of any length, though Pocket PC memory will become an issue eventually. You can even record samples (and adjust the sample rate and compression) with your pocket PC.

Can I edit my composition in real time, allowing me to take Griff on stage - live?
Most certainly - performance art is deeply rooted in Griff's architecture

How is the sound output from my PocketPC?
Sound comes out in stereo from the headphone jack, alternatively Griff will Render the Audio to a 16bit 44.1khz WAV File.

Where can I buy Griff?
Griff and the Plugins can be purchased in retail and it is totally secure.

How do I buy Griff?
When you buy Griff, you buy a code that activates all the save and export features. If you haven't already downloaded Griff you may do so in retail or Urban Demo.

How do I contribute to the evolution of Griff?
Please send your ideas to PlanetGriff - we're listening

Does Griff interact with other software?
Yes. Griff tunes can be exported as midi (note and controller data export) to work with desk-top sequencing packages. Griff also exports tunes as XML.

I have an Ipaq 3630 running Microsoft PocketPC (2000&2002) 2002 . Griff seems to lock up when I shut down and restart my PPC with it running.
You need to install a driver from Compaq which will solve this problem. Just press here You should be able to turn your PPC on and off without Griff missing a beat.

How do I upgrade Griff?
Unless otherwise stated, simply download the latest version of Griff from Urban Demo and input your Griff activation code.
How do I install Griff ?
Check out the installation walkthrough
I'm completely stuck, how on earth do I make a tune ?
Follow the step by step instructions in the tutorial.
Can I get a printed manual ? I like to read in the bath.
You can download the Griff manual here. It's in pdf format, ready for printing. (download the adobe acrobat pdf reader here)


When Installing I get an error about RAPI.DLL Missing. What's that all about then ?
Maybe your activesync is damaged, not installed or needs updating. This page allows you to download the latest version.

ActiveSync Download

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