Title: Griff

Free! (Was £ 9.99 - Grab your code here.

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Version A pattern based, real-time music sequencer application for PocketPC's running WinCE. Comes "composer ready" with Reverb, Delay, Chorus Flanger and Distortion effects. A Monophonic Synthesiser and a Sampler (complete with default samples) are also included.


User Comments

I am using Griff more than my desktop sequencer now cos it is so easy to turn on and I can use it on the bus. My best app for Pocket PC.
Jim - UK

This is the real deal - you are only limited by your imagination - love the minimum CPU option, I can get my 133Mhz Journada singing a great tune in perfect stereo!!!!!!!
Basshead - nowhere special

OMG! This program ROCKS... well in my case there aint no rockin involved, just harcore BANGIN!!
Good work guys....
Now I can finally say that I can do everything on my PPC that I would need a real PC for!! And a bit more...

Absolutly Perfect!
This is what i seek and found now! Great App!!!

Great App!!! Perfect!!!!
jetzt benötigen wir nur noch eine PDA USB-MiDI Schnittstelle zum direkten Anschluss.

I\'m very interested.. tell me more...
yurisius- italy

For a company flogging software for PDA, I\'m surprised your website is so difficult to navigate with a PDA. Is there a more friendly alternative ?

where can i see more screen shots? is there a demo to download? or maybe some composition examples? looks too good to be true :)

love the demo but if you really want my £39.99.Update the editors to allow adding parts by clicking on the screen and click-hold to bring up the edit menu. The current click drag approach is clumsy and time wasting.
da thing in da bassment

You really need a PPC friendly site and an over the air installer.
Dick Seacup

The sampler put me over the edge. Not only is this easy to use but I can now grab samples and loops from anywhere and use them in Griff. Definitely makes my PDA worth the $$.

So what's the cost in North American $$$?

So what's the cost in North American $$$?

I figured out the cost in North American $$$... This rocks... Where's the instructions?

Griff is by far the most powerful app on my IPAQ! I am amazed at the quality and flexibility of this program. If you are a musician into electronic music, this is a must buy! The price is VERY reasonable considering the power Griff gives you. I have been writing background tracks on Griff and putting them on my Boss BR-1180 and adding my guitar in the mix. This is a serious app folks! The portability means I get a lot more done in less time. I can't even remember how many times I was away from home and creativity would hit me and I wished I was home to get it out of my system. Now I can! This is the best app to show off the Pocket PC. I've had people ask me where I got the program and even where I got my Pocket PC! Congratulations on a superior product!
NeonSkye - VA, USA

16yrs later I can put music in my head straight into my pocket any were any time, my wife thinks am having an affair always on my imate sending sms....haaa!

Where can I find the Hardware requirements for the Griff Studio software?

I have found that it requires pocket pc os and StrongARM processor, however, there is no mention of required/recommended processor speed, or required/recommended RAM/ROM specs.

Tekmatic - Griff will run on any mobile device that uses pocketPC operating system (including WME 2005)
Daniel Webb

I like griff but I aint sure how you load up my own drums in wav format.. there dosent seem to be a way.. I looked everywhere

Jim - check out the manual page 61.
Daniel Webb

Wow!!! God Bless the inventors of the Griff program! That's an awesome tool for any musician! I kept my eye on it for a long time but now, with the last update ( I just opened my wallet and... You know what was the next :) Again, thank you very much!