Minimum System Requirements
PocketPC (running Microsoft PocketPC 2000&2002). StrongARM processor or better recommended

Audio Output
Griff outputs at 44100hz 16bit (CD Quality). Internally Griff makes uses of a 24bit signal path to maintain maximum headroom. Buffer sizes are fully adjustable to suit the hardware and minimize latency.

The sequencer is driven at 480ppqn for Rock Solid timing accuracy. All Instrument, Effect and Mixer controls can be fully automated.

The sequencer is pattern based enabling fast song creation and excellent real-time re-mixing capabilities. Tempo and time signature are both fully adjustable.

The Sampler uses *WAV files under PCM Compression up to 16 BIT, 44.1KHz. Features include Keyboard mapping, sample preview, Pitch edit, loop point, start and end point edit, decay, release, pan and volume control.

As well as The Sampler, Griff contains mSyn, a built in fantastically versatile monophonic synthesiser.

Griff includes built in effects including Reverb, Delay, Distortion, Chorus and Flanger.

The Griff mixer contains unlimited channels and unlimited send busses. All controls can be fully automated.

User Interface
The user interface is based around skins. Internal Elements are used to transmit information from screen movements to Sequencer Events.